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Art and Life

So grateful to begin 2021 with an artist’s residency  honoring the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. at Annmarie Sculpture Garden in Solomons, Maryland.

You can read about the residency, including the community project to raise  flags for King’s legacy for peace and justice here. You can also see my gallery show, “Memory and Signal” virtually here.  Ongoing, of course, my weekly show,  ‘On the Ground: Voices of Resistance from the Nation’s Capital’ is made possible only by our volunteer energy, our resolve to keep the people’s voices on the air, and by support from our listeners. In this new era of fake corporate news, we have to be and support our own media! Please click here  to subscribe for as little as $3 a month. We are so grateful for this small but growing amount of monthly crowdsource funding on Patreon. You can also give a recurring or one-time donation on PayPal. Thank you!